A small gift for outdoor lovers

Do you want to break your head or don't know what you want to send for New Year's Day or the birthday of relatives and friends? In fact, it's better to understand the preferences of outdoor people!
Almost every player will have a headscarf, which is inexpensive. You can buy a very nice headscarf for about ten or twenty yuan. The scarf is not only an ornament, but also a variety of wearing methods.
Wrist guard
The wrist guard is divided into two types
One is towel, which has no protective effect. Its main function is to wipe sweat and decorate, and it can also prevent a large amount of sweat on the arm from flowing to the hand, which is most obvious in tennis and badminton.
The other is the bandage that can strengthen the joint. It is made of very elastic material, which can protect the joint from excessive bending and help the joint return to normal state.
Knee pads are protective equipment with "padding" on the front. Its main function is to protect our knees. Pads around the knee are usually made of various types of foam. The pad acts as a cushion between the knee and the collision object, reducing any external impact on the knee.
Modern knee pads are specially made for more than their specific use. They become more fashionable, comfortable, flexible, light and breathable.

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