Why send knee pads to friends who like outdoor

A friend has just entered the pit and knows nothing. He wants to give him knee pads to protect his knee.
Knee is one of the most complex and vulnerable joints in human body structure. When exercising outdoors, it is necessary to protect the knee. The most direct protection for the knee is to wear knee pads.
The knee pad I chose for my friend is honeycomb knee pad, because it is light and easy to adapt.
Because one of the biggest uses of honeycomb knee pads is anti-collision. The inside of the honeycomb knee pad is made of highly elastic sponge for anti-collision protection. Normal knee pads do not have this function. Although the honeycomb knee pad is made of sponge, it will not affect the movement and movement.
I hope my friend will like and often wear the knee pads I gave him.

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