What are the gifts for friends who like self-driving tours

Self-driving tourism is a type of self-help tourism, which is a new tourism form different from the traditional group tourism. Self-driving tourism provides tourists with flexible space in selecting objects, participating procedures and experiencing freedom. So many friends like self-driving tours.
Which gifts are better for friends who like self-driving tours?
1. Car air cushion bed
With the vehicle-mounted air cushion bed, it is as comfortable to lie on it when tired as to be on your own bed. Young people can't stay in a hotel when they travel by car. It is convenient to rest when tired. It is characterized by fast storage. It is convenient to carry, and it is as comfortable to sleep on it as to be on your own bed after a long journey.
2. Picnic mat
Outdoor play also requires such a Oxford cloth portable picnic mat, which is waterproof and moisture-proof. It is very good to rest and play on it. The simple fabric style is the Guangfa style, with a sense of texture. The style is with a pastoral style design, which is more unique and elegant.
3. Oven
Some kids especially like to eat barbecue. When you go outdoors, you should take this folding oven with you, which is very convenient.
4. Waist protection cushion
We can provide a lumbar cushion on the top of the driver's seat, which can not only place the lumbar lateral bending deformation, but also prevent the nerve from being oppressed by sitting for a long time, and easily resolve fatigue for you. The driver is the patron saint of the safety of a car of people. He can have a good journey by taking good care of himself.

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