Impressive Gifts for Husband (Part 3)

Gifts that are easy to touch for your husband are as follows:
21. Seagull Automatic Belt Waterproof Mechanical Watch
This seagull national style gentleman mechanical watch is very suitable as a gift of more than 1,000 yuan for a boyfriend’s birthday or a husband’s gift. It has a relatively thin design style, and the national series style, with the design of concentric discs.
22. Nintendo OLED high-definition Switch game console
As much as I've always wanted to pick up a Nintendo Switch console, it's still great to play some consoles. Like this Switch’s newly upgraded OLED screen console, that is, the high-definition version, the screen is a little bigger than before, and the built-in space has also increased from 32GB to 64GB, and the stereo speakers have also been upgraded. The base has added support for physical network cable sockets. A white version has also been added, which is a good choice as a gift for friends who like console games.
23. Yolanda Mini Portable Fascia Gun
This Yolanda mini portable fascia gun has a good appearance and can be easily put in your pocket. The configuration of this fascia gun is also very good. It uses a full silicone massage head, which has the touch of a real-life experience. It is quite convenient to choose from multiple gears for daily use.
24. Microsoft Xbox Series S game console
Microsoft Xbox Series S game console is a good birthday gift for boyfriend. It is a relatively small and friendly game console. It uses a customized solid-state hard disk drive to allow the game to provide a frame rate of 120FPS, plus digital management and spatial sound effects. Compatible, you can play games.
25, teemzone Tingzun men's chest bag
This trendy but shoulder bag is a perfect everyday gift for boys. This teemzone Tingzun men's chest bag is retro and durable, and it can be considered as a practical gift for girls at around 100 yuan. In addition to the chest bag, this one also has an external charging port for easy connection
26. Citizen Eco-Drive Sunstar Watch
This new watch from Citizen, black style, is a very fashionable business style watch. It is a relatively new style, a watch using light kinetic energy, the battery life is more than 10 years, and it can be used for about 180 days after light charging. It is a very simple and easy-to-use fashion business style watch.
27, fila clip-on sunglasses
FILA sunglasses clip, a very lightweight and easy-to-use summer gift. It adopts a sandwich design, which is convenient and practical for friends who wear eyes every day. It has a variety of color blocks to choose maliciously, and the design is quite fashionable. It is a good choice for driving friends in summer.
28. Retro gba nostalgic mini handheld
Every boy has a little kid in his heart. It’s a good gift to choose a nostalgic handheld game console for his boyfriend, especially when more nostalgic game consoles appear recently. This small game console makes him feel good. to the joys of childhood. Built-in 169 childhood classic games, you can also use the memory card to download more games.
29. Citizen FF flying retro light kinetic energy watch
This Citizen FF flight series light kinetic energy watch with belt and steel belt can be considered as a birthday gift for my husband at around 2,000 yuan. This watch adopts light kinetic energy movement, realizes luminous display, and 10Bar waterproof, which can meet various daily use needs. And this watch still looks very tough style, suitable for boys to use.
30. Sumidagawa Columbia Instant Coffee Powder
This Sumida River Colombian freeze-dried instant pure coffee powder, pure hand-picked seasonal fresh beans in Colombia, washed with spring water from the Andes, 100% Arabica, directly produced at the origin, fresher coffee, double extraction to retain the delicate and excellent aroma , flavor and fresh taste, it is finished in glass bottles to lock in freshness.
What is the most meaningful gift for my husband on his birthday. If you don’t know what gift is suitable for your husband, these items can satisfy many boys. If you like it, you can collect and share it!

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