What is the most meaningful gift for my husband on his birth

Continuing from the previous article, continue to recommend meaningful gifts for your husband.
11. Picasso Knight Pen Gift Box
For mature men's gifts, or boyfriend's birthday gifts, choose a fountain pen and put it on the desk, and the style will come up at once. And this gift box is a knight style, a very interesting gift. Every time I pick up a pen, it is a very symbolic feeling of an expedition.
Picasso’s knight pen gift box, the statue inside weighs 1.18kg, and the arc of the hands holds the pen firmly, which is difficult, beautiful and practical. The fountain pen uses a 0.5mm iridium gold nib, which is smooth to write. The pen barrel is made of piano paint, with bright color and moderate hand feeling. Every detail is carefully crafted.
12. Gillette manual razor love gift box
When my husband saw the package, he opened it and tried it, and immediately added another set, which was clean, and the magnetic base is also convenient for storage, and it looks tall. It is suitable for boyfriend gift, husband gift, or dad gift.
13. Braun new 9 series electric shaver
This kind of high-end electric razor is also indispensable as a gift for mature men, especially when many friends want a better razor.
This 9260S is a master-level design, simple but not simple, and a symbol of high quality. It only shaves the beard and not the lips. Shaves easily. This is also a very classic high-end electric shaver.
14. EM quasi-hui RGB light tube clock
For boys' computer desktops, if you want some industrial style, you can choose this RGB pseudo-nixillo tube clock, which is a LED desktop decoration gift for boyfriend. For boys, such a gift is also a good feeling to see the industrial style romantic and literary friends. You can consider choosing a creative gift for your boyfriend. The lamp beads are quite bright, and there are many modes. It is highly recommended as a basic accessory for a table.
15. Sony INZONE H9 flagship gaming headset
Now when it comes to headphones, the first thing that comes to mind is the kind of small true wireless headphones, but when it comes to playing games, especially the kind of chicken-eating games, then I think of headsets for gaming games. Like looking at the Sony INZONE H9 active noise-cancelling wireless Bluetooth headset, it is not only good-looking, but also has a high configuration. It is still very attractive to choose a birthday gift for a boyfriend who plays games.
16. Nivea Men's Water Active Multi-effect Cleanser
Some of Nivea's daily cleansers are very easy to use. Like this Nivea men's water active multi-effect cleanser, two packs, it is very good for boys to clean their face, it is relatively mild, and it effectively cleans the face, maintains the health of the skin, and maintains the defense of the skin. This series is also used by many people, and the praise is 99%. It is a classic and practical gift for boys.
17. ACR Pro Alice Plus Mechanical Keyboard
The shell of this mechanical keyboard is made of two-layer acrylic + CNC material, standard Gasket mount structure, aluminum positioning plate and PC positioning plate with open mold as standard, the keycap is ASA BOW English version with white background and black characters, selected PBT two-color The keycap is dry and comfortable, not easy to oil. Akko CS crystal switch + high-precision two-color satellite switch, full-key hot-swappable, supports conventional three-legged/five-legged mechanical switches, two-stage tripod design, adjustable at will, pluggable Type-C interface, easy to carry and use Storage.
18. Bialetti Steam Age Gift Box
This Bialetti steam age gift box is a retro-style coffee pot set, of course, the quality is relatively good, it is very suitable as a gift for friends. This coffee pot is designed with retro illustrations, which is very suitable for self-retention and gift giving. And it's the "age of steam" series, great gift.
19. Jingzao For U Smart Cervical Spine Massager
This Beijing-made cervical spine massager has 20 levels of adjustable intensity, and is equipped with floating electrodes. Of course, it is also packaged in a gift box. It is a very high-end gift of about 200 yuan for choosing a gift for friends. From the actual experience, it has an exquisite jewelry-level gift box craftsmanship, and the body with a frosted feel feels good. For young people, choose a cervical spine massager to relax the cervical spine during work.
20. JBL Colorful Bluetooth Speaker
What is more attractive about this JBL Bluetooth speaker is that while playing music, it can also have a very cool color design, which can accompany music-loving friends to move around. In terms of configuration, this portable Bluetooth speaker can realize a 360° light and shadow show, which is very attractive just by looking at it. In addition to the light and shadow show, there is also 360 reading surround sound.

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