What camping equipment can I give to my friends

Tent. In outdoor camping, the tent is your home. Where the tent is, the home is!
In outdoor camping, tents are a large class of necessities, and it depends on the weather, the number of people used, and the weight. For example, in summer, it is better to use tents with mosquito nets and high waterproof performance; However, tents with large capacity should be used if the number of people is large.
Mountaineering bag, which is equivalent to a mobile storage box, can contain some necessary daily necessities.
The large climbing bag is mainly used for transporting climbing materials during climbing, while the small climbing bag is generally used for climbing at high altitude or attacking the peak.
Camp lamp, guide in the dark night!
When it comes to outdoor camping, how can we lose the camping lights? Lighting tools are indispensable for activities in the camp in the evening. At the same time, the camp lamp can also scare away wild animals and indicate the location of the camp.
Sleeping bag, keep you warm!
Regardless of whether it is winter or summer, as long as it is the kind of camping in the wild, sleeping bags are essential.
The first-aid kit can even save your life if used well.
In outdoor camping, accidents will inevitably occur. At this time, the first aid kit is your doctor. It can solve most accidental abrasions. These wounds can be treated quickly, which can greatly reduce the risk of bacterial infection, and make your outdoor camping trip safe and secure.
Damp-proof mat, sitting on the ground, talking about ideal and life.
It mainly has the following three functions:
First, prevention. Because it is difficult to find a flat place when camping in the wild, you will feel uncomfortable when sleeping. The situation will be much better if you use a moisture-proof pad.
Second, thermal insulation. Because the body usually contacts the ground directly when camping in the field (the thermal insulation effect of the tent bottom alone is negligible), the thermal insulation effect will be much better if there is a layer of moisture-proof mat between the body and the ground.
Third, moisture-proof. When camping in the field, the ground is usually very damp at night. Because the damp-proof mat is waterproof, it can play a role of moisture-proof.
Outdoor power supply can avoid the embarrassment of playing games, cutting videos and taking photos without power.
During long-distance self-driving or outdoor camping, the outdoor power supply can supply power to the living and entertainment equipment such as rice cookers, electric kettle, ovens, electric blankets, projectors, lights, laptops, etc., to improve the quality of outdoor life and the fun of camping!

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