20 Practical Gift Recommendations for Wife (Part 2)

Continuing from the previous article, I will continue to introduce practical gifts for my wife, as follows:
11. Eye Massager
We use computers and mobile phones every day. At night, our eyes may be dry and uncomfortable. If we have an eye massager, it will relieve a lot. While myopia, amblyopia and other eye diseases are getting worse, it also has the effect of beautifying the eyes. For office workers, it can relieve eye pressure very conveniently. Relax your eyes for 15 minutes a day, very suitable as a gift for your wife.
12. Dishwasher
What are some practical gifts for your wife that are often forgotten? Dishwashers are one of them. Chinese people generally don’t like dishwashers. Only when I see the dishes and chopsticks washed by my own hands can I feel at ease. In fact, the dishwasher saves time and effort, and has strong decontamination ability. In addition to washing tableware, it can also wash vegetables, fruits, etc., and can also be used as a disinfection cabinet. It is said to serve multiple purposes. .
13. Thermos mug
As we grow older, everyone needs a thermos, but a better one will not be cheap, and the quality of the thermos on the market is even more uneven, but even the most high-end thermos is not too expensive, many Vacuum heat insulation technology is adopted, and the price of the thermos cup with high appearance and good material will not exceed a thousand. If it is made into a customized model, it can better reflect the heart, and it is a very cost-effective gift.
14. Window cleaning robot
The emergence of the window cleaning robot is mainly to help people solve the problem of high-rise window cleaning and outdoor window cleaning. If you visit a large number of windows at night at home, then this gift is very suitable. It can rely on its own vacuum pump or fan device at the bottom. It is firmly adsorbed on the glass, and then with the help of certain artificial intelligence, it automatically detects the corner distance of the window, plans the window cleaning path, and uses the strength of its own adsorption on the glass to drive the rag at the bottom of the fuselage to wipe off the dirt on the glass. From the inside to the outside, let the vision of the home be clearer.
15. Back Massager
Practical gifts can best reflect a boy's care and attention to her. As a qualified boyfriend or husband, you not only need to learn how to take care of your wife's psychological feelings, but also how to take care of her physical health. Now Most of the adults have the problem of back pain. Migrant workers are under a lot of pressure whether they are studying or working. Lumbar muscle strain, sitting for a long time in the office, and not moving muscles and bones are the biggest enemies of health. Back massagers are also a good choice. .
16. Garment steamer
If your wife has a lot of clothes and is very concerned about image management, then a garment steamer is a very practical gift. The garment steamer can continuously contact the clothes and fabrics through the scorching hot water generated inside, so as to soften the fibers of the clothes and fabrics The purpose, and through the "pulling", "pressing", "spraying" actions to smooth the clothes and fabrics, so that the clothes and fabrics are in good condition, and all her clothes can be well taken care of.
17. Health Pot
As the saying goes, all food is medicine, and medicine is integrated in food, so as to maintain health in four seasons and prolong life. In recent years, more and more people are pursuing a healthy life, and health pots are becoming more and more popular, especially women are more enthusiastic about health preservation. A good health pot will definitely satisfy her, except for general boiling water and scented tea , It can also boil eggs, soup, noodles, health-preserving medicinal meals, five-grain porridge, hot pot, yogurt, wine, hot milk, herbal tea, disinfection, heat preservation, steamed eggs, coffee, etc.
18. Instant water dispenser
"Drink more hot water" is our traditional culture in China. The instant hot water dispenser can satisfy our demand for hot water. Different temperatures can be adjusted to meet the needs of brewing different drinks, so that nutrients will not be lost, taste will not be affected, water will be kept fresh, and the source of life will return to nature. My wife will be happy to prepare one at home.
19. Flosser
If the wife is a person who pays attention to dental health, then the dental flosser is also a good gift. In Europe and the United States, the dental flosser is already a must-have hygiene product for many families. The dental flosser uses the pump body to add water It can generate 800~1600 times per minute of ultra-fine high-pressure pulsed water column. The exquisitely designed nozzle can make this high-pressure pulsed water column flush to any part of the oral cavity without obstacles, including toothbrush, dental floss, and toothpick. Between the teeth and deep in the gums. Just rinse for 1-3 minutes after eating to wash away the food residue and debris between the teeth.
20. Pedicure machine
Nowadays, people are running around every day, their legs are extremely tired, and when they return home after a busy day, they just want to lie down and be a salted fish. At this time, soaking their feet and giving their feet a pedicure is the best choice. It is best to treat the feet every day. Massage relaxation is the most effective way to say goodbye to fatigue. The foot therapy machine can massage the internal organs of the human body through the massage of the foot nerves, so that the body can maintain a spiritual state, improve sleep quality, and maintain energetic vitality. My wife will think of you every day when she soaks her feet.

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