Gifts for friends who like curling

A friend who likes curling can give him equipment related to curling. The following are good choices!
The curler is made of granite and weighs about 17-20 kg. The curling pot is composed of the pot body, handle and bolt, with a diameter of less than 30 cm and a weight of nearly 20 kg. The pot body granite is produced in Scotland.
Curling brush
There are two kinds of curling brushes. One is the traditional curling brush (corn whisker or made of horse hair or pig hair); The other is the modern synthetic curling brush (made of glass fiber or carbon fiber), which is relatively more durable.
Wiping ice has two purposes, preventing the curling machine from slowing down and changing the direction of the machine. The principle is that through rapid friction, small ice spots on the curling ground can form a layer of invisible water layer. This thin layer of water can reduce the friction between the curling and the ice surface, making its speed not easy to reduce, and the difference in the ice wiping position can also make the curling move in the direction envisaged by the team members, and ultimately affect the position of the curling. This shows how important it is to have a good curling brush.
Curling shoes
Curling shoes are divided into sliding shoes and skates.
The soles of the two shoes are different in texture: the soles of the sliding shoes are made of professional plastic and are worn on the supporting feet; The pedaling ice shoe sole is a rubber anti-slip surface, which is worn on the pedaling ice foot.
We will see that curling players always have a small bag hanging on their waist, that is, a stopwatch, which is used to record the smoothness of the field, which can make it more convenient for athletes to throw. It's very considerate to send a stopwatch to friends who love curling!

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