What are the necessary equipment for travel

When it comes to tourism, I believe everyone will be familiar with it. Modern urbanites have a fast pace of life and great work pressure, and tourism has become the best way to relax. If you want to travel easily, you must have a good set of equipment.
Shoes: Easy travel, safety first. For tourists, a pair of suitable shoes is very important, because it is directly related to your personal safety. When traveling in the wild, you must wear anti-skid shoes or hiking shoes. Mountaineering shoes should be high waist, which can protect ankle bones.
Clothes: To travel outdoors, clothes are absolutely necessary. The charging clothes are waterproof and breathable, which makes it easier to wear them when walking outdoors. When the weather is uncertain, it can play its "windproof and rainproof" function.
Backpack: Backpack is the first equipment for tourists, otherwise there will be no tourists who are also called backpackers. To choose a suitable backpack, not only the capacity but also the quality should be considered. Generally speaking, the size of the backpack depends on the distance, and the load bearing capacity must be strong.
Camera: Although traveling is not for taking photos, it is very common to leave some photos as souvenirs.
Mini medicine box: I personally like to travel alone. A small medicine box is the best guarantee of safety.
Mobile phone map: For tourists, a good sense of direction is very important.

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