What gift is good for Christmas?

The following tokens represent different meanings and are good choices as Christmas gifts:
1. Scarf - I will always love you.
2. Letter - I miss you.
3. Flowers - I wish to put my name on your heart.
4. Books - I'm sure you're smart.
5. Chewing Gum - I hope to hang out with you for a long time.
6. Cigarettes - I hate you.
7. Book - I hope to see your innocent love.
8. The ring - you will always be mine.
9. Umbrella - I will protect you in any situation.
10. Hairpins - I wish you success.
11. Mirror - Don't forget me.
12. Necklace - I want you by my side.
13. Chocolate - I love you.
14. Lighter - You are my first love, and the relationship between you and him is on fire.
15. Ballpoint pen - I give you half of my heart.
16. Key Ornament - I wish you luck.
17. Paste Bu (album) - Keep our love in my heart.
18. Pen - Keep our love in my heart.
19. Tactile doll - I hope you are real.
20. Mascot - I want to be your friend.
21. Gloves - I hope you are real.
22. Handkerchief - I wait to meet again after breaking up.
23. Pajamas - I give you my all.
24. Diary - I want to keep the memories of the two of us in my heart
25. Wallet-represents that you are willing to be with him forever
26. Belt-represents tying him for a lifetime
27. Razor - means that he is an excellent mature man in your heart
28. Photo album - forever cherish the memories of you and me
29. Thousand Paper Cranes: I hope my love with you will have a happy ending.
30. Sending a watch means that you and him seem to have a feeling of every minute and every second
31. Sending a tie means that you have locked him up and let him stay by your side forever

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