What equipment is needed for ice climbing

Ice climbing is a way of climbing on the vertical terrain of ice wall or ice rock mixture with the help of ice claw, ice pick and other instruments. Because the medium of climbing is ice, ice climbing is more uncertain and dangerous than rock climbing.
Ice pick
The ice pick provides the focus for the hand. The ice pick for ice climbing is usually a technical pick, which is different from the straight ice pick used for walking on the snow. The shape of the pick tip and the bending degree of the pick handle are more suitable for vertical ice wall climbing.
Ice claw
The use of ice claw is similar to that of ice pick, which is basically divided into snow walking and ice climbing. The front teeth of the ice claw walking on the snow are flat, which is more conducive to obtaining friction on the snow surface. The ice claw of ice climbing adopts higher strength vertical teeth, which usually adopts the full-clip structure, which is more stable and can better transfer the power of kicking.
Ice cone
Unlike the use of expansion bolts as protection points (anchor points) during sports rock climbing, ice cones are mostly used as protection points during ice climbing. Due to the influence of topography, ice condition and temperature, the strength of the ice cone anchor point spinning into the ice will also vary greatly.
Power rope
It is recommended to use waterproof power rope for ice climbing, because low water absorption power rope can reduce the risk of rope icing, so as to ensure that the rope can pass through the protector normally.
The rope protection system used in ice climbing is almost the same as that used in rock climbing, with the same protectors, safety belts, helmets, quick hooks, main locks, etc. Helmets must be worn for ice climbing, because the focus of ice climbing is almost completed through the destruction of ice by ice claws and ice picks, so there will be a lot of broken ice flying in the sky. At the same time, it is recommended to use matching masks or goggles to protect the eyes.
Because the temperature of the ice climbing environment is low, the clothes should be warm and active.
For ice climbing, twisting ice cones, drilling ice holes, building protection stations, etc., require a series of complex operations on the hands, so the flexibility of gloves is very important. It is recommended to prepare at least two pairs of gloves.
Ice climbing needs to carry a lot of equipment and equipment. It is recommended to choose a climbing backpack, which can not only hang ice picks and other equipment, but also has a light weight and high wear resistance and weather resistance.

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